Wednesday, August 24, 2011

what's he thinking? {perfume}

poppy by coach
The other day I was on a search for new perfume.  I love the two perfumes that I currently use: Burberry Brit and Daisy.  So I was on the search for a new scent only to add something new to the rotation.  Very typical "I don't need it but would love to have it" shopping item. 

Rather than pick out something I like and commit to the $50+ purchase, I wanted to pick something up and take it for a test drive.  This is one of the reasons I like the area where I work - Sephora is within lunch time walking distance and, most importantly, they provide samples.  After sniffing my way through a variety of perfumes, I declared Poppy the winner.  

Now I get to the point of what's he thinking - because what does he really think about perfume?  Alan has never commented on my perfume.  In fact, he's never said it's too strong, what are you wearing, or anything otherwise.  Until I test drove Poppy.  For the first time ever, he commented.  It certainly wasn't his favorite and I'm mighty happy that Sephora provides samples.  Guess I'll have to stick to the approved scents for now.  

Have you ever purchased a perfume only to find out that your significant other hated it? Hopefully I'm not alone here!   

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  1. Poppy is seriously one of my favorite perfumes, and oddly enough, its one of the only ones where I've had a few guys ask me what I was wearing because it was mesmerizing. Granted, they're guys at the firehouse so they're just hitting on me, but they never comment on my perfume when I wear anything else. :)