Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How the company that refuses to advertise beat out the conformists

{URBN headquarters via Wolf Cub Chronicles}

This weekend I finally reclaimed my life.  Yup, I'm in grad school and the last six weeks have been owned by Financial Concepts.  A ridiculously content heavy, homework filled, miserable class.  My distaste for mathematics was not altered by this course.  However, I thoroughly enjoyed writing a company analysis paper on one of my favorite companies: Urban Outfitters, Inc. (URBN) - mainly because of Anthropologie, a little because of Free People with a new, added dash of BHLDN.  Of course, my wedding is over so I'll have to enjoy their newly launched bridal store through one of my friends.

The title of my paper: How the company that refuses to advertise beat out the conformists.  By conformists, I mean Gap, Inc (GPS).  By beat, I mean the fact that URBN is growing faster and their stock is performing better (well at least until the incredible landslides that have happened lately).  And by their refusal to advertise, I mean the fact that URBN has a budget set aside for frequent (almost weekly) store redesign.  They use this method of attracting customers and guiding customers throughout their store, rather than traditional print media or TV commercials.

Anthropologie is one of my top five stores for apparel and accessories.  Having the opportunity to research a company that I enjoy so much was the highlight of this class.  Aside from that small glimmer, this class was a bear and I'm glad it's over.  I'm pretty sure everyone around me feels the same. 

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