Wednesday, August 17, 2011

What's he thinking? {milk}

Here are the facts:

My husband consumes more food than I do.  Daily.  

I am an only child.  Therefore, I've never had to compete for food. 

The end result:

I asked Alan for some of my own, you-can't-have-this-because-I'm-not-sharing, food.  I realize I sound like a complete brat.  Please forgive me and try to understand.  My parents never forced me to finish my plate.  They also never forced me to share my food.  I grew up to be a bit like Joey Tribbiani who also refused to share.  However, I have evolved.  I now enjoy sharing bites of food at dinner.  It is no longer trying or traumatic.

Alan drinks a serious amount of milk each week so I have to say I'm pretty impressed that he got a separate milk jug for me, complete with a label.  He also labeled a box of chocolate, chewy bars for me which was sweet considering my love for chocolate.  And yet his hands are the only ones that have been in there.  At least we're trying.  

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