Monday, August 8, 2011

One year ago

My Gammaw was a true farm girl.  She hailed from Farmville, Virginia and came to the big city where in-door running water was fascinatingly new.  She knew how to make the most delicious fried chicken and yet she invited no one into her kitchen while was working.  She had the best squeal of a laugh.  She never learned to drive despite wrecking multiple cars trying to learn.  She talked about my grandfather with so much love that it was sometimes hard to believe he had been gone for more than twenty five years.  

She passed away one year ago today and I miss her.  Alan was deployed when she passed so they never had the opportunity to meet.  When we got engaged shortly after Alan's return home and less than a month after she had passed, the decision to have our wedding in her church was easy.  The day of our wedding was fabulous because when I stepped into her church, she was there.  

Photo by our lovely photographer Julia MacInnis

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