Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Nothing Box

Every man has a nothing box.  If there is one thing you need to understand about your significant other, it is that this does exist and that they can truly sit still doing absolutely nothing.  Shocking for women who make multi-tasking a normal and regular occurrence. 

The nothing box is wonderfully described by Mark Gungor in this YouTube clip.  His video explains how men think differently, how they can sit and think about absolutely nothing, and this all helps to explain one more baffling piece of the male species.  My husband's nothing box is the PS3.  He owns two games that I'm aware of: Fifa soccer (the newest nothing box) and Madden (the older, most used nothing box).  Alan can sit, stand and fist pump over these games for multiple hours on end.  They are relaxing and mind numbing and yet, I hate them. 

I have learned that every man retreats to their nothing box on occasion.  Let them.  They need it just like we need a good manicure.  I have also learned that while men are consumed within the nothing box, they think of nothing else around them.  You will survive.  But, just like wine, there is a limit.  And no, you cannot go into the nothing box because then it would not be the nothing box.  

Let me know if you enjoy the clip!   

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