Monday, August 1, 2011

his & hers


Name: Alan
Provenance: everywhere (air force family)
Now: Virginia
Profession: Marine reservist, DOD contractor, full time student
Bona Fides: changed major from quantitative finance at JMU to multi-disciplinary studies in psychology & business at Liberty
Style Evolution: nerdy to preppy to cammies to "doesn't matter as long as my wife likes it"
Off Duty: video games & cooking
Happiest When: my wife is relaxed
Inspiration: America


Name: Cady
Provenance: Virginia
Now: Virginia
Profession: assistant vice president for an insurance underwriting firm
Bona Fides: double majored in economics & english from UVA
Style Evolution: jeans + t-shirt to preppy to corporate
Off Duty: wine lover who knits
Happiest When: after a productive day with a glass of wine in hand, snuggled up to my husband on the sofa
Inspiration: my parents have inspired me to work hard, the world around me gives me inspiration to be creative, and my husband gives me the love and freedom to pursue it  

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