Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Savings Account

We are in the process of combining our accounts.  This is not an easy process and there is no easy button.  I checked.

In the process of getting married, changing my name, and combining accounts, I've come to realize that you need a significant amount of time off from work to get it all done.  Or you'll need about two years and the patience to deal with money in more accounts than you can track.  Here's what it takes:

Before the wedding: at the very least you will need a half day off to visit the court house, pay the state fee (have cash on hand), and obtain your marriage certificate.

Name change after the wedding: half a day to hit the court house and obtain at least one (better to do two) certified copy of your marriage certificate.  Then wait it out at the DMV.  If you're smart, check the website ahead of time to see what the wait is.  Bring a book anyway.  The last big step in the name change department is the Social Security Office.  I'm terrified.  I've heard it takes upwards of four hours, snacks, all your phone battery power, and every ounce of patience in your body.  My tolerance is low; I'll have to borrow from Alan.

Combining bank accounts: We have yet to successfully combine one.  This might require every Saturday morning for the next three months.   

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