Monday, August 29, 2011

Weekend of rain

This weekend was fun in a slow and very simple way.  I guess a ton of rain will do that to you.  The highlight of my weekend was our run on Saturday.  Mid-day I really wanted Taco Bell (yes, I'm that healthy).  Mackenzie needed to be walked, we wanted lunch but didn't want to drive.  So we got prepped and ready for a run only to be pelted in the face with rain. (No, we are not logical enough to check the weather first or peek out any of the windows in this condo.)

Rather than bail on our plans, we remained committed to Taco Bell and hit the pavement.  Our run was just shy of two miles and the pay off of Taco Bell for lunch was incredible.  I love getting a workout and an errand done all at the same time. 

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